A few tips to get the best out of our Call2Abroad Euro service

Our Call2Abroad Euro service offers cheap international calls from 9 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, IrelandItaly, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the service:

Tip #1: Enter a mobile number

You can top up using a mobile number from any of the 10 countries where we operate and we will send you an 8-digit PIN to access the service immediately after you complete your purchase by text message. You can also top up with a landline number, but we have to generate the PIN manually and this can take up to 48 hours. If you need your credit quickly, please use your a mobile number.

N.B. the telephone number you use to top up does not have to be the same as the number you will be calling from. For example, you can enter your UK mobile to receive your PIN by SMS, then make calls from your local landline.

Tip #2: Only use from a local phone

Only use Call2Abroad Euro from a local phone - that is, a landline or a local mobile phone and not your home mobile phone roaming overseas. For example, if you are in Spain, make your calls from a Spanish landline, or from a mobile with a Spanish SIM.

If you use your UK mobile, you will incur additional roaming charges with your home mobile phone provider. The best way to save money when using your mobile abroad is to switch it off!

If you travel to many countries or really require a UK mobile number even when overseas, check out UK2Abroad.

Tip #3: Get a low cost rate to landlines

If you are going to use a local pay as you SIM to use our service, make sure that you go with the network/tariff that offers the cheapest calls to local landline numbers. This will minimise the cost of calling our access number. Also make sure that your mobile phone is unlocked.

Tip #4: Use the best access number

We have both regular landline and freefone access numbers. If you have 'free minutes to landlines' included in either your landline or mobile package, use our landline access number. If you do not have free minutes, use our freefone access number from your landine (free to call and only a small surcharge to our rates) and our landline access number from your mobile (charged as a standard national call). If you are unsure about the correct access number to use, please contact us.

Tip #5: Keep your account active

Call2Abroad Euro credit is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase so ensure you top up at least once every 180 days to keep your credit balance and your PIN active - we will send you email reminders before your credit is due to expire.

Tip #6: Use auto-topup to avoid being cut off

Running out of credit mid conversation and having to top up again on the internet can be a pain (especially for some of our customers who live in rural communities). To avoid this, simply check the box for auto top-up on the purchase page. When your credit is running low, we'll automatically top you up so you need never run out of credit again. See below:

Tip #7: Don't hang up, press * for follow on calls

If you need to make more than one call in one sitting, just press * to terminate the first call and then the dial the full international number for your second call. Pressing * will terminate the international call, but keep you connected to our access number so there is no need to dial the access number and enter your PIN again. If you are making lots of calls this can be a real time saver.

Tip #8: We're here to help!

As ever, please contact us if you need any assistance, or if you have any feedback.

To get started with Call2Abroad, top up at www.call2abroad.com/topup

Call2Abroad Euro  tips 

Posted on 2013-06-09 09:29:00

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