What happened to your 902902952 instant dial service for making international calls from Spain?

We switched off our 902 instant dial service and moved to a prepaid service some time ago, but we still receive queries from customers asking us what happened to our popular 902902952 service. 

We should start with a bit of DialAbroad history. 

DialAbroad was launched in early 2002 by two university students who wanted to find a cheaper, easier way of making cheap international calls from the UK to their family and friends overseas. The first service that was made available was an instant dial service - you called an access number (at the time beginning with 0870), entered the international number and were connected. This allowed our customers to make international calls for the same cost as a national call (and sometimes for free, as calls to 0870 numbers were still included in mobile phone 'free minutes' back then). And since the cost of the call was simply added to your existing phone bill there was no need for any accounts or separate bills. The service proved to be very popular in the UK.

As we looked for ways to expand our business, we thought that Spain could benefit from an instant dial service and so we setup DialAbroad Spain in 2004 to offer cheap international calls from Spain. Our access number - 902902952 - was catchy and we spent a number of months promoting the service to the expat community in Spain, particularly on the Costa Del Sol. The service quickly became popular and was a core part of our business for many years.

In the last year or so, telecoms regulations in Spain changed so that running a 902 instant dial service is no longer financially viable. This is because Telefonica have reduced the amount they pay us for each minute of calls that are made to our access number, which means that we cannot afford to pay for the international part of the call. We did try talking to a number of suppliers in Spain to try and keep the service going, but it was not possible. 

What's the replacement?

Many of our competitors exited the Spanish market when 902 was turned off, however we took the opportunity to try and create an even better service, called DialAbroad Euro. The advantages over the old 902 service are:

  • You can now call from both landlines and Spanish mobiles
  • You can now call to any destination in the world (including UK mobiles)
  • The rates are even better - calls to UK landlines are 3 cents/min and to UK mobiles are 10 cents/min at all times 
  • You can use the same credit to make calls from local phones in the ten countries where we operate the DialAbroad Euro service

The key difference between our DialAbroad Euro service and the old 902 service is that you top up with credit online first, and we have designed the process to be completely straightforward.

How DialAbroad Euro works

Simply go to the top up page, select the amount of credit you require, enter your mobile number and pay securely online using PayPal or your credit or debit card. Make sure that you check the auto top up box so that your credit is automatically refilled when you are running low so that you are always able to make calls. 

To make calls you dial one of our Spanish access numbers, either 914149940 or 800300840 followed by your PIN (which we text to your mobile phone on purchase) and then enter the international number.

Typically it is best to use our 914 access number from a mobile or a landline with 'free minutes' and our 800 access number from a landline which does not have 'free minutes'. As our 914 access number is charged as a standard landline call (or free if you have free calls to landlines) whereas using our 800 access number will be free from a landline but will add 0.7 cents/min to the rates advertised on our web site. 

If you used our 902 service before, we are happy to offer you some free credit for your to try out the new service

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Posted on 2013-03-09 19:00:00

1p/min calls to USA from UK landlines or mobiles