How does the Call2Abroad UK landline service work and are there any connection charges?

In this post we review our service for making cheap international calls from UK landlines and highlight our follow on call feature.

How to make cheap international calls from a UK landline

It's really simple:

(1) Select your destination and find the appropriate access number and rate (e.g. call the USA for 0.5p/min via 0844 862 5755 using Call2Abroad)

(2) Dial the access number, wait for the recorded announcement to begin and then enter the full international number (e.g. 0013104810031 for the British Embassy in Los Angeles)

(3) That's it! You will just pay 0.5p/min at all times and the cost will simply be added to your landline telephone bill - no separate bills from us and no need to open any accounts or top up with credit

Are there any connection charges?

We do not levy any connection charges. However, BT charges a call setup fee for all calls make from their landlines which is currently 13.87p. Whilst it is not possible to avoid this fee entirely, we have included a follow on feature which allows you to make more than one call without incurring extra call setup fees. To use this feature simply press * after each call and enter the next destination number.

We have included a list of frequently asked questions on our web site - if you have any other questions, please do contact us.


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Posted on 2013-03-13 10:49:00

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